Welcome to Desired Cooking!

If you're just passing through and want to know a bit about me and this blog, please watch the video below.

I was 12 when I started experimenting in the kitchen. I’ve cut my fingers more times than I can remember, and still do it to this day. Pretty soon I began to add my contributions to the family grocery list. It wasn’t long before I started going to the supermarket on my own.

Like any food enthusiast, I often turn to the internet to find new inspirations and ideas for meals. While celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver have delicious looking recipes I have always felt that they are somewhat unattainable. This is due to many reasons but mainly because of the ingredients. Being in an isolated country such as New Zealand means we aren’t spoilt for choice. A lot of the ingredients are very difficult to find. If you are lucky enough to find them, they are often very expensive.

This blog will allow me to share a collection of easy recipes for the everyday person like you and I. Maybe you want to ditch the cans and make your own pasta sauce? Maybe you love mushrooms but aren’t quite sure of a complimenting flavour? Maybe you like to explore and try new things, but want to keep things easy and affordable?

Thus, my challenge for this blog is to take everyday affordable food and turn it into easy, delicious meals.

I hope you’ll join me on this food journey, I look forward to the exciting things we’re going to create.


All photos on this blog are my own. I would appreciate if you could link back to this site when used.