Baby Tomatoes

24 Feb 2015

Such an easy vegetable to grow over Summer and is delicious in salads and pastas
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Baked Camembert

22 Feb 2015

Baked camembert drizzled with olive oil, garlic and rosemary.
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Orange sesame chicken

17 Feb 2015

Tangy orange sesame chicken with rice
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12 Feb 2015

Deliciously herby meatloaf, great on sandwiches and in the lunchbox
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Lemon Cake

10 Feb 2015

Sweet lemon cake, dashed with icing sugar and great for afternoon tea or dessert
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Home-made Mayonnaise

30 Jan 2015

Quick and easy home-made mayonnaise
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Bacon and Egg Pie

26 Jan 2015

Classic bacon and egg pie
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Our Summer Garden

24 Jan 2015

A glimpse into some of our vegetables and herbs in our garden
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