Chicken Fajitas

21 Jan 2015

Spicy chicken fajitas, best served with a bit of lettuce, cheese and sour cream
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Chickpea Tabouleeh Salad

19 Jan 2015

A healthy salad that can be chilled and served at your next Barbecue
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Healthy Lemon Curd

15 Jan 2015

Great on pancakes or served with muffins and sweet treats
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Dijon Meatballs

13 Jan 2015

Delicious dijon meatballs served with sauerkraut and roasted vegetables
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A Kiwi BBQ

10 Dec 2014

Kicking off the Summer season with a classic Kiwi BBQ
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Apricot Chicken

02 Nov 2014

Juicy apricot chicken with rosemary and garlic
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Apricot Salad

22 Oct 2014

Sweet vinegar dressing and dried apricots with cherry tomatoes
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Avocado salsa

03 Jan 2015

A great alternative to guacamole
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