A Kiwi BBQ

10 Dec 2014

Harvesting the spinach for our salad

We always kick the warmer season off with a BBQ. This year my mum's vegetable garden had matured enough for us to harvest some of it! She has an abundance of spinach so we snipped some off to use in a salad. Scraping through the bottom of the fridge I found some tomatoes, feta and grapes. In other words, a great start to a salad! As I've mentioned before, I always trying to make my own dressings/sauces where I can. Mixing a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar gave us a healthy dressing to use - everyone loved it!


I usually ask the boys to manage the BBQ as this allows me more time in the kitchen to prepare. Time management is an essential skill in the kitchen! Ensuring everything is timed perfectly and ready at the same time can definitely be a struggle, but luckily enough I usually have a helper within an arms reach that can do the odd jobs like 'stir the pot' or 'chop the onion'. Grilled asparagus is something I've only been trying recently and it's a great BBQ vegetable. Marinated with a bit of garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and thyme gives it a great flavour. I like to leave mine grilling until it's just starting to char as it gives it the perfect amount of crunchiness. It also helps slicing them in half as they not only go further but cook faster.


The weather was beautiful, but not quite beautiful enough to sit outside. The wind can often howl as it comes right off the coast. Being on top of a sand dune means that we're quite exposed so we huddled around the dinner table and enjoyed the views and sunset through the windows. I can never get enough of these Summer sunsets. I watched patiently as the sun disappears over the ocean horizon, greeting someone else at the start of their day

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