Baby Tomatoes

24 Feb 2015

Let me tell you now, baby tomatoes are probably the most easiest vegetable to grow in your backyard. Without much maintenance, these things will spread like wildfire. I grew my own a couple of years back and our backyard became a jungle of bamboo sticks holding up tomato branches as they spread. The problem with growing them out in the wide open was that the birds usually got to them before I did.

This last Summer my mum decided to plant some in her green house at the back of our beach house. They did really well for the first couple of months. We managed to collect heaps of them. I used them in pasta sauces, on sandwiches, in salads and even roasted a few. Having them in the greenhouse meant they were protected from getting stolen by the birds, and kept them sheltered from the harsh winds. Sadly, the began to die off really quickly. After some investigation we found out that we didn't mix the soil correctly.

We're hoping for better luck next year. How beautiful do these tomatoes look though?! What do you grow in your garden?

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