Baking with Pompons

19 Dec 2014

Baking + me = disaster.

Have I told you about the time that I put 1 cup of baking powder into my muffins instead of 1 tablespoon? Yeah, safe to say that those muffins didn't turn out well. I think it took a while for our oven to recover too. Since then I politely decline when people ask me to bake something. I always opt for brining something savoury to potlucks instead of sweets and my desserts usually consist of something that doesn't require the oven such as this chocolate mousse or these lime and ginger crunch desserts. On occasion I'll buy one of the packets/mixes from the supermarket where you just have to add egg or milk.

A few months ago Pompon's was brought to my attention as I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline. I noticed they were a small business down in Christchurch, New Zealand. Like many who live in Christchurch, Bill & Bettina Wallace have felt the affect of the 2011 Earthquake. Their very own Boulevard Bakery had long been sold years before, but the recipe for their famous Pumpkin & Chocolate muffins lingered in their kitchen at home. After some research the Wallace's discovered that people were looking all over for the pompon's. After some practicing in the kitchen, pompon's was born as it's own business.


I was kindly given a mix of Pompon's to try and it's the easiest thing I've ever made! The packet says it makes 12 but I managed to squeeze about 18 out of the pack. Even better is that it's all NZ ingredients (Hawkes Bay Pumpkins) with no nasty additives or preservatives. All you need is egg, water, oil or butter and 2 minutes of your time to mix the ingredients together. The best time to eat these is straight out of the oven. They're small enough that you can pop them in your mouth and boy oh boy are they good! The melted chocolate (Whittakers brand I might add!) oozes out while the pumpkin gives it a savoury taste.

My partner Owen had a Christmas pot-luck dinner to go to the other night and was ruffling around the kitchen 30 minutes before he had to leave. I threw him a packet of Pompon's and he didn't even need my help. In 20 minutes he was ready to go with a plate to share in hand.

You can order Pompon's on their website. Make sure you check out their Christmas specials!


I was given this product to try by Pompon's. All opinions are my own, I was not paid to write this post.

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