Chicken Fajitas

21 Jan 2015

I was looking through some of my food photos that I have stored away saved in a folder called 'someday'. It's basically full of food I've made or photos I've taken that I someday want to share, but have no real urgency too. With my flat no longer a flat, I thought it would be nice to post a little photo journal of one of our flat meals. I wish I'd caught photographs of us laughing, however it's all kind of nice that I can keep that in my memory and not rely on a photograph.

Enjoy these pictures of Chicken Fajitas, recipe at the bottom of the post.


Chicken Fajitas


4 soft flour wraps
500g chicken breast
2 cans of mild taco beans
2 cans of corn kernels
Baby tomatoes
Tex Mex Taco Spice
Olive oil


Dice up the chicken and toss in a plastic bag with a splash of olive oil and spice mix.

Fry on high heat until chicken is cooked through. Add beans, corn and baby tomatoes to the chicken. Stir on medium heat until hot and sizzling.

Serve on flour wraps with your favourite Mexican vegetables and accompaniments.

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