Five Kiwi Bloggers to look out for in 2015

01 Jan 2015

Happy New Year! I thought it would be nice to kick of 2015 with a bit of a different post. Since beginning this blog in August 2014 I've had the pleasure of meeting lots of Kiwi bloggers and making new friends. Some of them are foodies, some are lifestyle bloggers, but all of them talk about food and share the occasion recipe. Here are my top 5 favourite blogs at the moment that I think are worth adding to your reading list for 2015!


In Rhi's Pantry
Rhi also began her food blog in 2014 and has done so well! Her photos are beautifully bright and summery (even during the Winter season!) and always positive and happy. Her blog has been so successful that she has already launched her own e-book Clean Treats by Rhi. Rhi is such a sweetheart and shares her beautiful photos on her Facebook page.


Ruby and Tuesdays
Fern has a beautiful blog which I've only just started following recently. She blogs about everything from food to fitness to wisdom quotes. Her blog is so authentic and unique as she incorporates her artistic skills into each post. I particularly love her motivational and personal posts where she shares her future goals and dreams. It takes guts to put your opinion out there and Fern lays her musings out loud and clear (you go girl!). Her food recipes are always healthy and very easy to make. I love hearing about her yoga and healthy lifestyle.


Mind the Crumbs
Hannah started her gluten free blog around the same time I did as she found a lack of interesting gluten free blogs. Her recipes vary from fish to lamb and use basic ingredients. I like that Hannah's posts are concise as she shares what she recently cooked. Along with recipes she also gives the occasional cafe review and blogs about eating out, making it a handy resource if you're looking for a great cafe around Wellington!


Charli Marie
Charli is a dear friend of mine and started her blog to accompany her YouTube channel. Her blog holds a collection of things of interest to her such as design, fashion, food, beauty and music. Her posts show a snapshot into her busy life and are always accompanied with colourful photos. Charli's blog is authentic as she has a strict policy to only blog about things that are important to her (hard to find bloggers like that these days!). Keep an eye on her blog as I'm sure she'll be posting about her upcoming move to London mid January!


Petite Kitchen
You may know her from the New Zealand Herald Viva Magazine where she shares her recipes. Eleanor has (hands-down) the most beautiful food photography. Her pictures are an inspiration to me and transport you to a mystical garden where blueberries fall like raindrops and vines hug the trees. Her recipes are very 'home recipe' style which all started when her now four year old daughter developed what was seemingly incurable severe eczema and was recommended to cut all grain, sugar, additives and preservatives from her diet. Petite Kitchen was born and has blossomed into the beautiful blog it is today.

What blogs are you most looking forward to reading in 2015?

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