Friends for Dinner

04 Mar 2015

Having moved out of the city, we don't see our friends nearly as much as we used to (sad face). 7am breakfasts now seem impossible considering we live 30 minutes drive away. Instead, we've been trying to catch up for dinners now and then. Time seems to be flying by though, with March literally just around the corner and exciting ventures not too far away. Being out of the city definitely comes with it's perks. It makes the weekends and evenings feel more relaxing as you're removed from the city buzz. As we're a bit more north, the weather always seems to be a couple of degrees warmer too.

We invited our friends Devon and Danae over for dinner recently, and they obliged! It's a simple gesture but we were excited to have our friends do the 30 minute trek (much different from 5 minutes last year!) out to see us. I of course was the busy bee in the kitchen, while the rest enjoyed a few drinks out in the Summer afternoon sun. I cooked mashed potatoes, spanish meatballs, creamy mushrooms and some roast cauliflower.


And to end this post, here's a photo of me being goofy.

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