Home-Made Guacamole

12 Sep 2014

Mexican cuisine is usually a favourite in many standard households. In my opinion, you can't fully enjoy Mexican cuisine without a handsome serving of guacamole on the side. Whether you're serving burritos, tacos or even just plain corn chips, guacamole is always a necessary compliment. It's a shame that the avocado is such a seasonal fruit as I'd love to have my own bottomless stash of them at home for a rainy day. You can usually boycott the expensive supermarkets in the Winter and grab a couple of Avocados from your local market for a much cheaper price.

The ripe avocados and tangy tomatoes make this guacamole super quick and easy to make. I have quite a mild palette so I only add a few pinches of cayenne pepper to mine. Depending on how game you are feel free to add as much cayenne pepper as you fancy. I recommend you keep this recipe up your sleeve so that you can impress your friends with home made quacamole at your next 'bring a plate to share' event. Accompanied with a bowl of corn chips of course.


You can find this recipe on HVNGRY magazine or download the PDF below.

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