27 Nov 2014

I recently got home from a six night stay in Melbourne, Australia. My mum and I had been thinking of going as a girls trip for a while and with two of my closest friends having moved there at the beginning of the year I thought it was time to pay them a visit! We booked a place to stay via Airbnb (great service by the way!) and set off at 4.30am on a Thursday morning with passports in hand. We had nothing booked apart from our accommodation. No plans to do anything except just hang out. This worked in our favour in the end as we spent the day walking around the city ending up at festivals and markets that we didn't even know existed! Sometime's it's worth not doing the touristy things.


Melbourne is often compared to Wellington in that they are both quite artsy and cultural, with Melbourne obviously being the bigger sibling of the two. There is so much FOOD! Every second shop or so was a food place, whether it be a restaurant, take-away shop or a cafe. You can never go hungry in this city! The great part about Melbourne is the markets. We almost visited a different market every day or so. One night we went to a Noodle market and the next day we ended up in a Spanish food market. On one of our last days there we accidentally ended up in a Polish food market! I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't even know what polish food is.

If you've been to Melbourne you'll know all about the Queen Victoria Market which is the big market to go to. The locals know that fresh produce is much cheaper here than in the supermarket so they flock there everyday to stock up. I saw so many different kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts herbs and grains. The variety of food in Melbourne is so much greater than what we have in Melbourne. Hundreds of cheese to choose from, many varieties of fresh pasta and types of meats that I wouldn't ever dare trying such as crocodile and kangaroo! I can imagine that being vega or gluten-free would be easily achievable living in Melbourne simply due to the large selection and variety of foods to choose from.

The restaurants were also nice but I found that downtown the majority of choices were Asian. We did manage to find a couple of Italian places down the laneways though - who doesn't like pizza?! :)

Have you been to Melbourne? What do you like about it?


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