Plum and Honey Cream Dessert

15 Oct 2014

Because sometimes you just need something sweet.

I'm not the biggest dessert fan. I always opt for the savoury option over the sweet and prefer a fruit smoothie for dessert over a chocolate brownie. I am however a sweet fruit fan, so thought i'd give a plum dessert a go. We have this new mint plant that I've been trying to find a use for and thought it would make the perfect cute garnish for this dish.

This dessert is really easy to make and the cream can be prepared early in the day and stored in the fridge for later. When you're ready to serve make sure you drizzle some honey on top - yum!


Plum and Honey Cream Dessert


4 plums
200ml of fresh cream
2 tbsp of sugar
1 tbsp of vanilla essence
1 tsp of cinnamon
Mint for garnish
1/4 cup of honey


Preheat oven to 180 degrees.

Slice plums in half, remove seed. With a spoon, rub honey on the flat side of the plum and lay face down in a dish. Cook in oven for 15 minutes or until soft.

In the mean time, make the cream by adding sugar, vanilla essence, cinnamon and cream to a bowl and whip with an electric mixer until fluffy.

Place two halves of the plums in each bowl and serve with a dollop of cream.

Garnish with mint, cinnamon and a glaze of honey.

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