Red thai meatballs

17 Dec 2014

As a food blogger I often read what other foodies are up to on their blog. I've been following fellow New Zealander PicNic since I started blogging and love her easy and simple recipes. A couple of week ago she posted a recipe for Thai Lamb Meatballs and they looked so good! At home Owen is usually the 'curry chef' of the house. His curries almost always involve chicken and rice, so I thought it would be fun to change things up a bit and try something different. Nic's recipe uses lamb (as stated in the title), but I opted for beef mince and it was delicious. I'm sure you could use either depending on your preference!

The meatballs turned out to be a bit spicier than my palette had hoped, so I think it's good to play around with the amounts of curry paste until you get a zing that's perfect for you. My flatmates loved this meal and Owen even more - I didn't know you could make a curry with meatballs! - was his remark. Safe to say he enjoyed it and it's been added to the list of 'meals to make again'.

Fresh coriander would've been the perfect icing on the cake for this dish so I definitely recommend running down to your local supermarket to get some. We sadly ran out of time so just used the dried herb version instead. I added diced red capsicum and spring onions into the sauce shortly before I added the meatballs, but this isn't necessary. In my flat we cook 8 portions so I wanted to beef up the meal a bit with some veggies. You could use any veggies you like. Or, if you have a sweet tooth some pineapple would go nicely too!

Thanks Nic for the recipe. Be sure to check out the original post on her blog!


Red thai meatballs


800g of beef mince
2 white onions, finely diced
3 tbsp of red curry paste
1 egg
1 1/2 cups of breadcrumbs
2 tbsp of dried coriander flakes
2 tbsp of fish sauce

2 tbsp of vegetable oil
2 tsp of crushed ginger
4 tbsp of red curry paste
2 400ml cans of coconut milk
4 tbsp of brown sugar
3 tbsp of fish sauce
2 tbsp sesame seeds
2 tsp of dried coriander flakes

Vermicelli (rice noodles)


Preheat oven to 200 degrees.

To make the meatballs, add all ingredients in a bowl and mix together with your hands. You want the mixture to be dry enough that it starts to stick together. If it’s still quite wet, slowly add breadcrumbs until it starts to stick.

Place meatballs in an oven proof dish and bake for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile in a large wok add oil to high heat and wait until sizzling. Be careful as the oil can get quite splashy. Add ginger and curry paste and stir to combine, letting the smell and flavour ooze out of the paste. Slowly add coconut milk, stirring to combine. Add brown sugar, fish sauce, sesame seeds and coriander. Stir to combine and wait until boiling.

Once meatballs are done, add to the sauce. Let sizzle for 5 minutes to encourage the flavours combine.

Serve over some vermicelli.

This recipe is inspired by PicNic.

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