Steak and Feta Bites

01 Oct 2014

Daylight Savings has happened! This is one of my favourite times of the year when suddenly, the sun stays up longer and I'm no longer walking home in the dark. Having more light in the evening means more daylight for food photography, more energy when I get home from work and having dinner outside in the sunshine! Bring on Summer :)

We tend to eat a lot of chicken at home so I like to branch out to red meat when I can. These steak and feta bites contain two delicious ingredients - steak and feta! The supermarket that we go to sells big blocks of feta, which is perfect for us because we tend to use it in our meals once a week. This recipe makes a great starter if you have visitors coming over or just want to serve an entré. Topped with your choice of chutney or pesto, these bites make the perfect summer condiment.

I hope you're all having a great week - happy Wednesday!


Steak and Feta Bites


2 tbsp olive oil
600g skirt steak
Jar of roasted red capsicum (I only used 2 capsicums from the jar)
200g of goat cheese
1/2 cup of apricot and mango chutney
1 loaf of french baguette
Moroccan seasoning
Tuscan seasoning


Marinate the steak in moroccan and tuscan seasoning on both sides. If you have time to let it marinate in the fridge, do so. Otherwise don’t worry - I cooked mine straight away. Chuck olive oil in the pan and wait until sizzling. Cook steak, turning only once for about 8-10 minutes for medium rare.

Slice baguette into medium sized pieces. Lay on a baking tray and toast in the oven on 180 for about 5 minutes.

Take out your roast capsicum and slice both ways so you can thin, short slices.

Once the steak is done, remove from heat and slice across the grain into thin slices.

Top each baguette with cheese, steak, capsicum and finish with a spoonful of chutney on top of each one.

This recipe was inspired by Steamy Kitchen.

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